"My daughter absolutely LOVED Creative Characters! The poems, games and acting were so much fun and they taught her how to be confident and creative."
Bridgid Thomas – mom to Keira 6

"Thank you for giving my kids the platform to express themselves and help them build their confidence in a secure loving environment. I saw a big difference in their ways and they loved every minute of their classes. You truly nurtured them and gave them a great grounding. I loved watching them on watching days."
Leah Mc Crae – mom to Jaime , Brandon and Callum

"We have had our son Tashil in Teacher Taryn's class for Creative Characters for the last 2 years. Tashil has just developed a different approach to people and talent, if I may say. He has really changed from an introvert and shy little person to this outrageous young boy and loves to sing and dance in front of anyone. He has to have the cd playing in our car's so he can sing to his Bollywood tunes. We really thank you for your input in Tashil's life and yes he will definitely continue with Speech & Drama."
Daksha Naidoo – mom to Tashil

"Jemma blossomed during her fun filled Creative Characters classes and her confidence grew in leaps and bounds."
Kerry Sewell – Mom to Jemma

"Daniella loved creative characters and Justine. She was very shy and through the classes learnt to express herself more. Highly recommended!"
Kerry Dawkins – Mom to Daniella