Fun Drama Games to Play on the Run

Why not spend idle time (in a car or while waiting for an appointment with your child, for example) to further develop their communication skills, and have some fun in the process.

Word Ball
This is a fun game to play in the car; great for quick reflex thoughts and imagination; lovely for vocab development. Someone starts and says any word, like "blue." The next person must say the first word that comes into their head, like "sea"; then the next person says the next word, and around it goes. When it gets boring, start a new word and new train of thought. It is very important that you do not think about what you are saying, there are no wrong words.

One Word Story
You start the story and each child adds a word at a time. You can add variations, such as a one-sentence story, or a theme story like Halloween, or even an alphabetical story for hysterical fun and laughter.

I Went on Holiday and I Took
This is great for vocab, speech and memory development. Someone starts by saying, "I went on holiday and I took an Apple" (something beginning with an A). The next person must then repeat the previous person's item and add their own, starting with the next consecutive letter of the alphabet. See how many letters you can get up to without forgetting something; try and break your record everytime.

The Minister's Cat
This is great for vocab development and emotive language. You start by saying, "The minister's cat is an Angry cat," or any other emotive descriptive word that starts with an A. This must be accompanied by a gesture and facial expression. The next person then does B and so on through the alphabet.

Rudy Sells Rutabega
This is an exercise in articulation and quick thinking. You decide on a letter of the alphabet. That person must then give a name (something that can be sold) and a place name were it is sold, all beginning with that letter. For example, "Rudy sells rutabaga in Rhode Island," or "Alice sells altars in Albany." The faster the better, and the zanier the better. Anything is acceptable, provided that it is a name, can be sold, and is a place name. This is then said 3 times as fast as possible.